The Self-made Story,’ is the brainchild of two very different women; a content creator, and a musician. Although it may be hard to imagine how and why their worlds did collide, it is important to note that each girl has one very special thing in common- they’ve successfully built a career doing what they love on their own volition.

During the current pandemic, they, just like many other people around the world, took a big hit and found themselves out of work. Because of this and all of the newly found extra time on their hands, they got to talking. They wondered what they could do to not only help themselves, but others in the same position. And thus, ‘The Self-made Story,’ was born.

Our mission is to highlight entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists who have gotten to where they are today independently. Our hope is to showcase the success stories that introduce, inspire, and spread awareness of the hardwork it takes to run your own business. If you have a self-made story and are interested in sharing it, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always in the mood for a great narrative. 🙂

Meet The Founders

Kirsten Jordan is a woman of many talents. She works primarily as a content creator having successfully founded HTSPT, co-created Studionism, and worked as editor in chief for SERIEVISIE. She has a huge fondness for theater, film, and T.V. and feels lucky to say she’s done it all. Kirsten has a passion for travel and an eye for photography- you can often find her beautifully documenting an incredible adventure!

Jazmarae Beebe is a successful singer and songwriter. Although her main focus is music, she loves expressing herself in a variety of different mediums. From directing/filming videos to practicing photography to learning choreography in her living room- there isn’t a creative genre she hasn’t dipped her feet into.  Recently, Jazmarae was introduced to her newest passion; professional writing.