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Rosanne Langenberg, now 30 years old, is the happy owner of her own text agency: Het Champagne Atelier. In daily life, she likes to enjoy herself in nature, close to home or in France. That country has held a big place in her heart all her life. She also loves personal development and being together with loved ones. Preferably while enjoying a glass of wine.

When did you first know that this was your calling?

I believe I just started writing when my father pushed a book into my hands. That little book only contained pictures, with blank pages next to it. “Now you can make up the story with the pictures,” he said. I went to work diligently. It’s been so long now, but strangely enough, I remember this moment. For me, this is the moment when I learned how happy it makes me to write stories. When I turned out to be the only high school student in the class that loved writing essays, I knew: I have to do something with this. A study Journalism in Tilburg followed. Since then I have been a writing journalist / copywriter by profession. And it’s a perfect fit.


How did you get your business off the ground?

After a few permanent jobs as a copywriter and communications officer at large companies, I eventually knew: I crave variety in my work. Although these jobs have been great, I know I need a challenge to get the best out of myself. It’s more of a challenge for me to work for different branches and clients than working for one name. Freedom is also an important reason for me to work for myself; a 9-5 job with a limited number of vacation days gives me a oppressive feeling. And so I quit my job as a copywriter at a great travel company in 2017 to start my own agency. I did not yet have clients at that time, I really started from scratch. But the confidence in myself was strangely enough and I just did it. This raised many questions from my environment; “Why quit the security of such a great job?” and: “Are you going to make enough money then?” I myself felt only relief and a stronger ambition than ever.

I have now been running my text agency for a year and a half together with a partner, Natascha Droste. When I was so full of assignments after a year, I had the choice: am I going to say ‘no’ to new clients or am I looking for someone else to help me? The latter already turned out to be a wish deep down; working alone is not really my thing. A year and a half ago we stepped into this new adventure together. Again without knowing how this would turn out, but I am convinced that just by doing you can get very far in life.

A cliche, but an important one nonetheless: believe in yourself and keep doing that. Even in the event of a setback, because you are going to get it.

What makes your company unique?

Since Natascha and I are doing business together, our enthusiasm has been almost impossible to tame. That may sound too good to be true, but it really is. Doing business together is so much fun. We are two optimistic people, that makes a difference, of course, but we also consciously ensure that we get the best out of ourselves and each other. We read almost every text production from each other before it goes to the client and give each other constructive feedback on this. In this way we both become even better at our profession and receive a few compliments from the other every day. That is crazy; I didn’t get it when I worked on my own. Our customers often talk about our enthusiasm. I think that, in addition to the quality we offer with our texts, that is a big plus. By the way: it is not without reason that we chose the name Het Champagne Atelier. Our slogan is: we don’t sell champagne, but we do sell stories that are worth a toast. We work with our customers for the best result. With a dose of enthusiasm.


What is the biggest challenge for you as an entrepreneur?

The first year that Natascha and I ran our business together, we were adamant: we will take on whatever work comes our way. After all, turnover has to be generated. After a year we reflected on this. If you accept everything, it means that you also serve customers who may not suit you well. Or that you write about topics that you don’t like at all. After a good first year, we have decided to become more selective in this. If something doesn’t feel right, we don’t do it. But his remains difficult for me. By nature I am someone who wants to make everyone happy and to be liked by everyone. But that doesn’t make you feel happiest in your business.

What inspires you to continue?

The nice contact we have with our current customers means that I do my job every day with a smile. But also the freedom we have; in principle we can work wherever we want, as long as we have a laptop. We recently went to the French Alps together for a week. Working with a view of a glacier, isn’t that fantastic? Although I must say that neither of us do this very often, we also attach great importance to face-to-face agreements with (potential) clients. But the fact that it is possible already gives me an enormous feeling of freedom.


What is your life motto / what mantra do you live?

Live true to yourself. Mainly because I see that so many people don’t do this. People get stuck in a job because it offers them security, while their energy is hard to find. The same goes for relationships. I understand that it is exciting to change or tackle these kinds of big things, but only by really living true to yourself, you can be completely happy. I do not succeed every day, I also have lesser days and periods. But I keep reflecting: what do I feel and why do I feel this? Is action needed in certain areas? And what action then? No action is also a choice, but then stop complaining about that subject.


How do you ensure a good work-life balance?

We try to work Monday to Friday as much as possible, like many others. The weekend is for friends, family and other sorts of relaxation, I think that’s just as important. In terms of time, we listen carefully to ourselves: I am a morning person and I love to start early every now and then. We leave each other completely free in this. We only work in the evenings or weekends during peak periods.

How has the Corona virus affected your work?

In this area, I am extremely pleased that we have a wide variety of industries in our customer base. We do the PR for an event agency, so that obviously came to a standstill. But we also write for educational institutions, healthcare institutions, a housing association and, for example, a funeral director. Those branches will continue to run for the time being. I think about a third of our customers are really affected, which is where we notice the consequences. That is of course a bit sour, but it makes you more aware of what you have. Our response? Do not mourn for too long about a lower turnover, but make extra acquisitions in branches that are doing well.


What can people do to support you and others in your field?

There are industries that are (much) more affected than we are, so I’d rather say support them. But of course we always like it when people follow our adventures on social media, on Facebook and Instagram. And who knows, we might one day help you with good texts, blogs, press releases or other textual communications. With love!


What are your plans for the future?

Recently we hired our first freelancer. That’s great fun; it really feels like we helped this lady get a job. She, in return, is happy with us and is open to learn from us. We hope to be able to expand this even further with, for example, four permanent freelancers who feel a mutual enthusiasm for us.


Do you have tips for people who want to start a business (in this field)?

A cliche, but an important one nonetheless: believe in yourself and keep doing that. Even in the event of a setback, because you are going to get it. And then: ensure a good relationship with your client. Even if you only have two, make sure you have two very good connections. For us, this has already resulted in new, larger jobs several times. So don’t forget to invest in your current customer base, instead of using full focus on new customers.

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