Six restaurants in Rotterdam we can’t wait to visit after June 1st

On June 1st at exactly 12 o’clock, restaurants, café’s, and bars are permitted to open back up in the Netherlands!  We are so excited to be able to dine at our favorite eateries right in time for terrace season. To celebrate, here are some places we are most looking forward to visiting again!

T I P | Due to the new (1.5m) regulations, it won’t be easy to grab a table. Make sure you plan ahead, think hard about where you want to make a reservation, and be flexible to work around the availability of the restaurant.

Jazmarae’s picks…


Formerly known as De Bollenbar, SØCIAL, has used quarantine to remodel, rebrand, and add to its already incredible menu. Last year they were named the third favorite newcomer in Rotterdam by deBuik, and for good reason! Their bread is baked fresh every day, they use local products, and everything they make is done with love and care. Not to mention — it’s all delicious! I am just dying to try every new item on their menu.  The staff is friendly, the interior is lovely, and did I mention they have a to-go window? So why not stop by and grab some of the best coffee the city has to offer? I know I will.



Speaking of terraces, Bokaal has one of the best in Rotterdam! I love coming here to soak up the sun, enjoy drinks from an incredibly large selection, and kick back with friends. It has a really cool, industrial vibe with a staff to match. If you are looking for some classic Dutch comfort food, tasty drinks, and a good chance of scoring a spot outside, this is the place to go.


Anytime I’m in need of a little something to brighten up my day, Alfredo’s Taqueria is where I go. The interior itself is cheerful and quirky, not to mention it’s colorful cocktails and delicious food! As a west-coast American, Mexican cuisine is a cultural staple and Alfredo’s definitely does it justice. I can’t wait to take a seat in their garden, and feel as though I’ve been transported to the Mexican beaches of Tulum.

Kirsten’s picks…


If you love to feel like you’re on a little trip, and who doesn’t after quarantine, you have to visit Ayla! Its interior is inspired by different cultures and consists of lots of colour, murals and Eastern prints. Super cosy! They believe in the power of sharing food, so why not try flavours from kitchens all over the Mediterranean? Don’t forget to pair your meal with an amazing cocktail, because they know what they’re doing here! And with two (!) big terraces, you barely have a reason not to stop on by.


Do you ‘suffer’ from quarantine weight gain? 😉 Then go and get some fast flexitarian food at The Harvest. This hotspot creates conscious and high-quality dishes. Along with the base and vegetables, it’s your choice whether your meal comes with animal or vegetarian protein. If you’re not in the mood to cook, but are craving a balanced meal, this small yet beautiful place is a fresh and healthy choice!


And for everyone who’s been inside for way too long: Rotterdam has an indoor backyard for you! Okay, there might still be a roof over your head, but it definitely feels like you’re in a garden. At Backyard, you are welcome any time of the day and as one would expect from any real urban garden, there is a lot of greenery here! Backyard is environmentally friendly and sustainable in the broadest sense. This is reflected in their upcycled interior (their tree is a real eye-catcher) and menu: their recipes are all 100% plant-based. If you aren’t an herbivore, don’t fret! They do have the option to add vegetarian toppings such as egg or goat cheese to any item, making it a very accessible spot for anyone. You’ll be sold, for sure.

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